Custom Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering: Prototyping

Engineering Design Production


Bulloch Fabricating Inc. is fully capable of handling your prototyping needs. Either building per print, or lending our experience in engineering and fabrication to assure your prototype is exactly what you want. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Developing Products for Production

With the latest in design and engineering software, we have the technology and expertise to prove our designs and concepts in a virtual environment before production ever begins.

Cost Reduction

We work closely with our customers and suppliers to achieve the most cost effective solution for production. Whether it’s a design, material, or manufacturing change, we are constantly finding ways of improving your product and lowering your costs.

Design Capabilities

Bulloch Fabricating Inc. has the capability to design any product from single level components to extremely complex assemblies. We work hand in hand with our customers during the design and manufacturing process to assure the end product meets or exceeds our customer’s needs.


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