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Advanced software continues to play a big role for manufacturers in the Fort Worth area not only finding new efficiencies, but is also helping them discover advanced techniques in the processes of manufacturing. These advances can create challenges to vendors and subcontractors that provide products and services to manufacturers. Manufacturers might inquire about their vendor's advanced technology, but will still need to know about such things as dependability and accuracy.

Bulloch Fabricating incorporates their well-known hard work and experiences with advanced technologies in laser cutting and CNC machining to provide sheet metal fabrication work that meets exact requirements and specified requests of their customers throughout Fort Worth and Arlington. We specialize in electrical enclosures and welding stainless steel. Our involvement with sheet metal fabrication gives us the expertise to assist manufacturers with the planning aspects of metal manufacturing and sheet metal design.

With our CNC machining capabilities, we are able to program the specific dimensions of any piece prior to the start in the machining process. Therefore, we can prepare orders from our clients in Fort Worth that have precise requirements. There is a significant amount of cost savings on many Laser cutting jobs, which we pass on to all of our customers. Laser cutting is very versatile, and can be used for many fabrication jobs, because there is no need to purchase new tools for each job. It can be well suited for prototype jobs, since the investment in specialized tools is not required.

Bulloch Fabricating is very skilled and experienced in many fields of metal manufacturing, not just welding stainless steel. We are experienced in working with plastics, aluminum, plate metal, solid, and stock. Along with electrical enclosures, our work experiences also include, manufacturing for components for turnkey machines and assemblies, retail displays, and baggage handling equipment. We manufacture numerous amounts of unique types of telecommunication equipment, including battery boxes and pump cabinets or many of our Arlington and Fort Worth customers.

We have worked with many clients that are involved in very technologically advanced manufacturing equipment. The level of these projects typically requires us to consult on metal design for our clients, which is much more than simplifying fabrication products. We gladly offer consulting on metal design and any other fields of metal manufacturing for all of our Fort Worth and Arlington manufacturing clients. Upon our client's request, we will consult regarding the designing and engineering of new products, and examine optimal methods for installation of equipment we helped create. In many cases, we have helped with the installation process as well.

As the phases of manufacturing continue to become more advanced technologically, it is always important to work with a sheet metal fabrication company that holds a strong record of reliability and performance. Fort Worth and Arlington manufacturers continually count on Bulloch Fabrication to complete orders and fulfill contracts at reasonable costs and in the anticipated time frame. Manufacturers can also rely on Bulloch Fabrication to provide key knowledge and information regarding any problems or challenges that new manufacturing methods can generate.

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