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Advanced software is helping manufacturers throughout Dallas not only find new efficiencies, but is helping them to discover advanced techniques in manufacturing processes. This can present challenges to vendors and subcontractors that provide products and services to manufacturers. Manufacturers may inquire about their subcontractor's advanced technology, but they still want to know about such things as dependability and accuracy.

Bulloch Fabricating combines hard work and experience with advanced technologies such as CNC machining and laser cutting to provide sheet metal fabrication work that meets precise tolerances and specifications of their Addison and McKinney clients. Some of our specialties include welding stainless steel and electrical enclosures. Our experience in sheet metal fabrication provides us with knowledge to help manufacturers with sheet metal design and other planning aspects of metal manufacturing.

Our CNC machining capabilities allow us to program the precise dimensions of a piece before machining on the piece begins. This allows us to accommodate orders from our Mesquite and Richardson clients that have extremely close tolerances. Laser cutting allows us to save substantial amounts of money on many jobs, and pass the savings on to our customers. Laser cutting is extremely versatile and flexible, meaning that we do not have to purchase new tools for new jobs. It is well suited to prototype jobs, as it does not require investment in specialized tools.

In addition to welding stainless steel, Bulloch Fabricating is experienced and skilled in many aspects of metal manufacturing. We work with aluminum, plate metal, solid, stock and plastics. In addition to electrical enclosures, we manufacture components for baggage handling equipment, retail displays, and turnkey machines and assemblies. For our Arlington and Irving clients, we manufacture many different types of telecommunications equipment, such as pump cabinets and battery boxes.

Bulloch Fabricating has worked with several clients involved in manufacturing technologically advanced equipment. These types of projects often require us to do much more than simply fabricate products for our clients. We are often required to consult on metal design, which we do gladly. We will consult on the design and engineering of new products, and discuss optimal methods for installation of equipment we have helped to create. We will also help with the installation itself.

As all aspects of manufacturing become more technologically advanced, it is important to be able to work with a sheet metal fabrication operation that has a solid record of performance. Denton, Richardson, and Dallas manufacturers can count on Bulloch Fabrication to fulfill contracts in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. They can also count on Bulloch Fabrication to provide insight on problems and challenges brought about by new manufacturing methods.

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